The FUR EP has been a long time coming. Three of the four tracks – Ethio, Bamako and Prostitutes – were written while three members of the band were travelling through West Africa in the summer of 2010. Shortly after this 2 recording sessions at The Roundhouse, engineered by Steve Weston, saw FUR lay down the rhythm tracks for the various tracks.

Since then the band have been working hard, recording the different parts themselves, finishing off arrangements and co-ordinating recording sessions. The EP was finally taken to be mastered on the 4th January at Carvery Cuts on Tudor Grove in Hackney, where a run of 300 vinyls is being pressed. Get yours here!


All music written and arranged by FUR.
All lyrics written by Josh Solnick, except ‘Prostitutes’, lyrics by Josh Solnick and Daniel Harrison.

‘Ethio’ mixed by Rob McAndrews.
‘Bamako’ mixed by Ben Assiter.
‘Knock Knock’ mixed by Rob McAndrews.
‘Prostitutes’ mixed by Lester Salmins.

Drums – Ben Assiter
Bass – George Cole
Guitar – Harry Christelis
Guitar – Greg Sanders
Cello, Backing Vocals – Ben Pollock
Trumpet – Alaric Taylor
Sax – Leo Richardson
Vocals – Murmur of the Fur

Chorus vocals on ‘Knock Knock’ – Binisa Bonner.
Second verse on ‘Prostitutes’ – Freedom.
Sax solos on ‘Ethio’ – Nicolas Rouger-Divet.

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