Knock Knock

Knock Knock not there,

Top drawer? I’ve looked there

Got a box of letters love notes and some underwear
Black and white photo-booth shots
2 drops. No this won’t do Josh
better move to a new spot.
Rooftops, subways, canal walks, dub raves
College pub and club strange stained a shade of rough grey
But hey, that’s life it’s love/hate
touch pleasure touch pain; they say that they look the same.
Extremes, next scenes, nightmares, next dreams
Vexed screams hex me
hold hope for next week
The next beat, frail,
Pail skin no veil.
Waiting for my leaf to get caught in a new gale
A new tale to tell
A soft voice to tell it well
Hair-raising tone key to the femme fatalle
A new scent on the envelope
Poison and and antidote
Eyes green as envy’s cloak
Dance-style strand of smoke
I come knocking
At your window
But there’s nothing
My breath frozen
I turn numbly
Leaving humbly
As I walk off
Your voice haunts me
Your ghost haunts me
Ghost Ghost
I think I’ve seen a ghost
Got one in my head and I might overdose
Yeah your getting far to close
Got your touch on my skin
Your teeth at my throat
Heavily addicted
Afflicted with flashbacks
The embers of my romance, turn into ash rats
The imminence of love turns to REM abstracts
Did I lack tact? No chance to track back.
So that’s that?
Another flame turned to dust
The first flame with the same thirst for lust
The first name that I ever nurtured, just
I sit back. And in the thick lack my lips crack.
Why can’t I just give it up, give it up?
Say ‘I don’t give a fuck’, move with the rhythm duck
Weave with the spinners touch
Let it fade like leaves in the winter months
Still I clutch, still I’m stuck
Dreaming of your face and I see your lips on ‘nough women
Now nothing looks familiar.
i see the way i am and the way time administers
I am the change I see as I walk these new perimeters.
Josh Solnick ©

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